December 11 at 5:30 pm & December 12 at 6:00 pm

Why should a King leave the comfort and riches of His kingdom to become the poorest of men? How do an outcast couple become the bearers of the greatest gift of all? And most importantly, how can you become the recipient of this incredible gift?  Come and find out as we explore the true story of the most miraculous birth, the greatest gift, and the most humble King! Lead by the choir and drama team, we promise, you have never heard the Christmas Story like this before!

As always, admission is free-We don't charge for worship services!

Carols By Candlelight

Join us on December 19th at 5pm for an evening worship service of carols and special music by candlelight in praise to the King of kings. 

This is always a special time to quiet our hearts, and reflect on the birth of our LORD and King. 

As always, Admission is free!