11:00 AM

Sunday morning is the highlight of our week. We get together to build each other up in our faith and encourage each other to stay strong in doing what is right. This is a family service, and all children are welcome. The Pastor tells a children's story just before the sermon to help the children understand the Bible text. (Nursery is available for children 3 and younger.) 

In modern church language, our worship music is called "traditional," mostly because we sing hymns to piano and organ (plus a small orchestra). It is our desire to worship our God in language and music that exalts and honors Him as the almighty sovereign that He is. Our songs not only express musical beauty but also teach us doctrinal truth while we sing. We hope you will find our "traditional" worship served up with a lot of joy and meaning. 

We also take time each week to study God's Word together. You are welcome to join us as we take a portion of the Bible and examine it -- verse by verse -- not only for what it said in its own history and culture, but for what God is saying to us today. Finally, stay around for awhile after our meeting. We'd like to get acquainted and introduce you to the family!


Our Worship Services are available online

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sunday school

9:30-10:40 AM

Children's Classes. Children from age two through sixth grade learn Bible stories and truths in creative sessions.

Adult Classes. Adults from junior high school to senior citizens study the Word together in four different classes:

- CROSSROADS Class - Junior and Senior High 

       (See Schedule Below)

- BEREAN Class - Adults (See Schedule Below)

- JOINT HEIRS Class - Adults (See Schedule Below)

9:30 Light Refreshments and Fellowship

9:45 Bible Study

10:20 Prayer for Each Other