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read your bible regularly

We encourage each of you to read the Bible systematically, from cover to cover.  It is God's Word for you, and God will speak to you when you read it. To encourage regular, systematic reading, we have produced several different reading schedules. You can choose the one that fits your time and interest best. Each schedule gives you a regular amount to read each day. They are listed in order of amount of daily reading. Each red title below is a PDF file you may open, print, and keep with your Bible. 

(Using the print features of your computer and printer, it is possible to print the PDF files below to make a 4-page document that folds in half and fits into most Bibles.)

Read the New Testament in One Year (PDF)

This schedule will take you from Matthew to Revelation in one calendar year. You will read less than one chapter per day.

Get the most from your reading! Download the Reading Journal below and record your time with God and His Word daily! The Journal has space to record the passage, key verse, and notes from each of your daily readings. (One form is good for an entire month.)

My Bible Reading Journal (PDF)

Read the Psalms and Proverbs Twice in One Year (PDF)

This schedule is primarily devotional. Agonize and rejoice with the Psalmists and intersperse your readings with practical Proverbs.

Read the Key Chapters of the Bible in One Year (PDF)

365 key chapters have been selected from the Bible. Read one chapter each day.

Read the Old Testament in One Year (PDF)

Read the Old Testament Chronologically in One Year (PDF)

Both of these schedules will take you from Genesis to Malachi in one calendar year. The second schedule inserts the poetry and prophecy portions into the historical time line. (Some editorial decisions have been made on the timing.)

Read the Whole Bible in One Year (PDF)

If you want to read the entire Bible in one year, we suggest two options: 1) Use the schedule above, or 2) follow both the New Testament and Old Testament schedules together. Or use the chronological schedule below.

Read the Entire Bible Chronologically in One Year (PDF)

This schedule takes you from Genesis to Revelation, but inserts poetry, prophecy and teaching portions into the historical timeline. (Some editorial decisions have been made on the timing.)