Find a Ministry at Grace!

The call of the gospel is two-fold: first, to be saved; second, to serve. We love to see saved people serving others in ministry. We do that here at Grace mostly by organizing like-minded people into teams that do a particular kind of ministry either in the church or in the community.

Listed below are several teams that have specific ministries through our church. With each description is the name of the person(s) to contact if you would like to be involved. All team leaders are members of Grace Bible Church; volunteers on each team do not need to be members, but must be regular attenders. Those working with children will need to have a background check and screening before they may serve.

music team

God has brought many gifted musicians to Grace Bible Church -- and we love music and singing! The Music Team includes accompanists, song leaders, and those who minister through special music.

Our current accompanists include organ, piano, and strings, but if you play a musical instrument, we'd love to talk to you!

Special music is a wonderful part of our services. Preludes, offertories, and special performances include vocals and instrumentals of many types.

Chris Dortignac is Team Leader

children's Sunday school team

Every Sunday morning, boys and girls gather downstairs to sing, hear missionary stories, do a craft project, and study the Bible at their own age level. What a wonderful opportunity to  ground young lives in the stories and truths of Scripture! Many different skills can be used in this ministry. If you love children and can teach, lead music, organize crafts, and tell stories, we can use you!

Patrick and Abby Peters are the team leaders

Preaching Team

The preaching team includes those who love to teach and preach God's Word. Most of those on the team have completed a Preaching Course through the church. 

This team has responsibility for preaching/teaching times in our church and community:

- Sunday morning meetings

- Life Care nursing home meeting

- Devotions at church fellowship events

- and more!

Paul Peabody is Team Leader

missions team

There are really two ways to be involved in missions through Grace Bible Church. First, there is a missions committee that oversees our missionary support -- financial and logistics. Second, Grace Bible has an active short-term missions outreach to churches in Belize, Central America, and other places.


This committee meets several times a year to research new missionaries we can support financially, encourage existing missionaries, and raise the level of missions awareness in the congregation.

Call the Church office for Committee Chairman


Since 2004, Grace Bible Church has been working alongside a group of churches in Belize (formerly British Honduras). We have built and maintained several buildings at a church camp there, organized Vacation Bible Schools and after-school clubs, ministered in men's and women's groups, taught preaching and counseling, and held evangelistic services. Approximately one-third of our current congregation has traveled to Belize at one time or another. At least every two years and sometimes more often, teams are being organized, trained, and sent out to Belize. (We have also ministered in Honduras and Chile.)

nursing home team

Like many churches in our community, Grace Bible Church reaches out to residents of community nursing homes. Currently, we are responsible for a service at Legends in Coeur d'Alene.

Twice a month (1st and 4th) the team provides a music and preaching service for the residents there.

Billy Smith is Team Leader