Grace Bible Church Music Guidelines and Policy

On this page your will find the policy Grace Bible Church uses to guide what music is appropriate for a given situation at Grace. 

We welcome new songs, hymns and spiritual songs that are biblically sound and appropriate for this congregation. This policy is intended to guide us as we come together in corporate worship. We have prayerfully crafted it in a way that we trust will not inhibit the Holy Spirit, but also, is in line with the scriptural principles about unity with the saints in the bond of peace, and refraining from those things that cause our brother to stumble. 

Nothing in this policy is intended to dictate what you can/cannot listen to or play in your own home. This policy is only for corporate worship while gathered with the saints at Grace Bible Church. 

  • GBC Music Guidelines

    The link on the left will take you to the Guidelines we use to evaluate all use of music at Grace Bible Church. This is document is the foundation of the other two so please take time to read it first!

  • GBC Music Evaluation Circle

    This circle is a distillation of the Policy and Guidelines and is provided for your convenience to evaluate your music as to whether it would be appropriate for Corporate Worship.

  • GBC Music Policy

    This is our music policy. Please take time to read through this as it explains our philosophy, what we believe about music, and some practical advice for presenting music at Grace Bible Church.